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appFiles Features

What can I do with appFiles?


Store Documents

Easily scan or upload important documents into your appFile. The On-browser viewer will allow you to leaf through the pages and even download in .pdf format.


Create Photo Galleries

Keep your photos where they belong: together with your file. Create and share galleries with the outside world with just a click. The powerful appFiles Galleries will let you take control of your photos once again.


Track Email

Can’t find that email you sent a customer three months ago? Perhaps it was sent from somebody else’s computer, now you’ll never find it. Simply forward your email messages into your appFile, you’ll have a single place where all communications are stored and easy to find.



Let your files come alive. The Update feed provides minute by minute information about what’s going on with your appFile.


File Storage

Keep all the information together, even the word documents or spreadsheets that pertain to a file.


Customizable Fields

Stop having to write specific information in the “General Notes” Field. Create and manage fields that allow you to store the information that is pertinent to a file. Don’t need to know their birthday? Need to know their Emergency Nighttime Contact Number? No Problem. It’s YOUR information, handle it the way you want.



Got a special job for someone? Easily create and assign tasks to yourself or other people. appFiles allows you to also track those tasks and see when they get done.



Keep track of job completion or order fulfillment. A Checklist is a powerful tool that allows you to organize your work into a series of steps, check them off as you go along, and get an overview of how are all your appFiles doing in that same process.



Sometimes all you want to do is write down an idea quickly an easily. Using the Notes section of an appFile, you can quickly jot down a thought and share it with others.


Web Links

It's the simplest way to remember a web address in a shared environment so other people can find the links, no more sending links to someone and then forget the address. Record your links in the appFile, and you'll find your way back.

appFiles Benefits

  • Manage your Files
    Customers, orders, jobs, vendors and more.
  • Track your work
    Use checklists and tasks to get things done.
  • Control your email
    Forward important messages to your appFiles.
  • Communicate better
    Live file updates and discussions keep everyone up to date as things happen.
  • Get it all together
    Store scanned documents, photos, notes and more.
  • Customize
    You pick which features you need.