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about our founders

David Reed

David ReedPassionate Designer

His vision and passion are the fuel that drives appFiles.

Being patient has never been a strong suit for David. (It’s why he doesn’t do support.) But when you need relentless drive and attention to details he is the one you want to call. Don’t be surprised if you see posts or email returned at any time of the day or night, he is currently touting the benefits of a 28 hour day meaning none of us really knows at what time of the day he is going to be up.

Bob Reed

Bob ReedCustomer Evangelist

Who better to know your small business customers than a serial entrepreneur.

David and Bob have been joined at the hip in many small businesses for the last 25 years. Having intimate knowledge of the challenges facing small business owners Bob is very intent on creating products that can truly make a difference. After several months of testing and using appFiles himself in several businesses he is now a believer with an enduring passion to share these solutions with all small businesses.

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