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10 Easy Steps to Getting Started with appFiles

Support for Firefox 3.6

firefox logoFirefox 3.6 came out a few days ago, it’s got a lot of exciting new features and it’s in general a great browser.

But just like the release of 3.5 before, it’s breaking a number of add-ons and extensions, and a lot of people are gonna have to some coding to get up to date on the new browser.

One of the extensions that we use as a scanner control has this problem, we are working with DynamSoft on this, and they have notified me that they are already working on an internal version of the control that will work on 3.6

In the meantime, the simplest solution would be to continue using Firefox 3.5.8 for a little longer, you can still download 3.5.8 here.

As always, we will continue to work with our customers via phone and email on any issues you may find while using appFiles. It is thanks to this awesome feedback we get from all of you that we can stay on top of things.

Thank you.


Windows 7 Issues

windows 7 logoSome users have reported some problems using the scanner control in Windows 7.
After investigating the issue on our own machines we have realized that this problem is closely related to HP scanners.

According to this source, HP is not releasing Windows 7 TWAIN drivers for a number of their products, this means that, while the operating system itself may see and use the scanner, other programs that depend on the Twain system will not be able to communicate with the device.

There’s a number of possible solutions that we are working on, and we’ll be posting more information as we learn it.