Email is the oldest application on the internet (it was first used around 1971), but unlike many other technologies from that time, it refuses to go away.

It’s just plain useful, it creates an instant person-to-person communication with a comfortable level of confidentiality (what I mean by this is that under normal circumstances, the whole world won’t see the text, just the intended recipient) with anyone on the internet, provided they too have an email address (which is just about everybody).

The challenges of today’s world should have phased email out in light of newer forms of communication, and yet, email continues to be the de-facto standard for getting a hold of somebody, specially in the SMB world.

A lot of good things happen over emails: orders are placed, job statuses are updated, documents and files are sent back and forth, even news is delivered via this medium. We identified however, that while sending an email is easy, finding an email that was sent is significantly harder. Sure, there’s search and tagging and folders and what-not. But what if the email you’re trying to find wasn’t sent by you? What if the email was sent by your secretary, or a salesman representing your company? Well, it’s sitting safely (you hope) in their inbox, to which you may or may not have access. The pattern gets complicated when there are replies to conversations that go to different recipients.

Naturally, we wanted to support email. We decided to give each appFile a unique email address, and to recommend the practice of forwarding emails into it. The idea is very simple, but we have found it to be quite powerful.

Every time we email a customer, we Bcc to the internal appFile we have on them, and when they answer, we forward the answer in. The result: a single place where we can find all the communications that have happened with the customer, regardless of who sent or received the email.

Email Tracking

Email Tracking: just forward emails into your appFile

We’ve been using email tracking for a while now, and it’s a fantastic feeling when I open one of our customer’s appFile and read through recent emails sent to them, or questions they may have asked. It’s good to be in the know.

Coming Changes

Because it’s so easy to forward email attachments, we’ll be offering the option of taking those attachments and turn them into something else (i.e. turn a pdf into a document, copy photos to a gallery or other files to the storage area).