The Info Section is sometimes difficult to explain, and yet it’s one of our most useful features inside of appFiles.

Basically, the info section can contain any piece of loose information that you want to keep in a file. When we developed the idea, we were thinking on a variety of different things: Phone numbers and addresses were some of the first that came to mind. We wanted to be able to just put a phone number or an email address somewhere in the file and be able to get to it later. We also thought that other pieces of information like customer id numbers, quickbook ID’s etc. were perfect candidates for it.

We were surprised when we saw how our customers were using it: They were keeping track of so much more! Some of our Real Estate users started using info sections to capture property data (i.e. Parcel Numbers) and Checklist Data (like the Buyer Checklist, which can require up to 30 different pieces of information). We even started keeping track of lead qualification data in our info sections.

We designed the info sections to be as versatile as possible while at the same time maintaining a certain degree of order. Currently, it’s possible to add a new field by simply entering it into the boxes at the bottom of the section. That’s it; just type the name of the field, the value, hit “Add” and you’re done. You can also change the order of the fields so that they come up exactly how you like them.

Info Section

We use the info section to keep contact numbers, addresses and emails

But having to enter the fields one by one is tedious, so we created the concept of a “Field List”. Think of it as a template: if you like the fields you have on your list, simply save them, and when you’re working on another file you can just create a section using that same field list and voila! all your fields are there waiting for you to just enter the values.

Coming Changes

As we continue to work on updates for appFiles, we will be introducing new features to the info sections which will make them more robust and intelligent. We plan to synchronize saved field lists across all the files, so that when you change the order of the fields in one file, the system will track every other file with the same list and re-organize it in the same manner. We also want to start providing overview grids of data for a number of files at a time, sort of like a spreadsheet view of your info data.

As always, the feedback we have received from our customers and our observations of usage in the wild are the best sources of ideas on how to make appFiles more user friendly and effective. So keep the feedback coming!