When we started the design of appFiles we knew that having a free-form notepad was going to be important. Sometimes you need to jot down a thought about a customer, or simply start writing some ideas on a project.

We wanted to make it really easy and yet we didn’t just want to throw a text area for people to write. Making a word bold or italic matters. Naturally the solution for this was simple, we incorporated a WYSIWYG editor that allows users some basic formatting features. It won’t replace the word processor any day, but it offers an opportunity to just type whatever’s on your mind.

Notes Editor

A simple HTML editor was all we needed to make Notes work

The Notes Section is a simple feature, and yet, we’ve found some interesting uses for it that we had not anticipated. When we’re writing an email and we want coworkers to review the text and make corrections or suggestions, it was just too easy to start a note and type it in there, and then have people come over to the appFile and work on it.

We have some of our customers keeping their cooking recipes in the Notes Section of an appFile, or even a grocery list. Because the level of engagement necessary to start the editor and type is so low, sometimes it’s easier to start a note than it is to create a new word document and fuss about with saving the file and trying to remember where it was.

In the end it’s all about making things simple, that’s always the philosophy behind appFiles.