“Honestly, I am in LOVE!  There are so many great things about this software and the team there is not enough time to express them all.  So here are just a few: appFiles…..  Streamlines your business practices, saves you time, and is accessible from any device (and across every platform too!) All your documents are easily managed and completely organized, effortlessly!  Need something, it usually just one or two clicks away.  Loved by the “tech guru’s” but truly easy to use for those who are technology challenged (like myself).  Support team is amazing, they hear the customer needs and implement many of the suggestions into program. (REAL people, and they are REALLY NICE).  Constantly updating the program adding more and better features.    Customizable for your business (whatever business you are in), not your cookie cutter software (you can even rearrange for your preferred order).  Can handle everything in your office except make the coffee!!”

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