During training, you should have received an email to your personal email address that contains your login information for appFiles.

Included is a password and a link directly to your appFiles office.

You can click on that link to go directly to your login page or open a browser on your computer like Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

If you clicked on the link in your email

You will see a file in a cloud on the screen and in the middle it will ask for your email address and password.

To Login from a Browser

In your browser window in the address bar type in: www.appFiles.com or http://login.appfiles.com

* Careful there is no www in the second address.

If you use address www.appFiles.com

Look to the top right of the window once the web page opens.

1.)    Left click on the blue text appFiles Login.

2.)    This will take you to the login screen

If you use the address http://login.appfiles.com

The page will open to a file in a cloud.

Enter your email address in the first box where you received your login credentials.

If this is your first time logging in to appFiles enter the password that your received via email. We will help you change your password shortly.

If you have logged in to appFiles before, go ahead and use your current password.

If you forget your password:

Click on the blue link, “I forgot my password.” to recover your password. It will be emailed to your personal email address.

Remember Me:

You may check the check box next to “Remember me for 30 days.” if you want the computer to remember you so you do not have to login each time you visit your appFiles

*Please note: You will not want to check this box on a public or shared computer. Only use this setting when working on a personal computer, laptop, or device you own.

Left click the green “Login” button and you will be logged in to your account and taken to your appFiles home page.

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